REVEAL Movement began in 2006 as Xtreme Dance Academy Summer Intensive in Camden, New Jersey. Founders, Anthony Rhodes and LaMia Dingle, both graduates of Camden’s first and only Creative and Performing Arts High School, began honing their instructional and choreography skills as they facilitated the program.  Through Xtreme, Anthony and LaMia deepened their passion for cultivating young dancers and having a major role in their growth as their mentors did for them. Eager to employee more artistically, Xtreme transformed into REVEAL Movement in 2015 and branched off to Philadelphia and Atlanta. The founders began exploring Movement through film, holding Weekend Intensives, and hosting legendary artists from the likes of Tyrone Proctor to Christopher Huggins. In 2016, REVEAL premiered its company and their first original work, “PERCEPTION”


REVEAL Movement provides unique training and performance opportunities for underexposed dancers seeking to explore their own self-expression, tackle difficult life topics, and take part in a choreographic process that singularly identifies REVEAL. With a body of artists whose ages range from nine to twenty-five years old, REVEAL also serves as a bridge between student and professional status by exposing dancers to a networking platform that will aid in the beginnings of their careers. REVEAL is on a mission to provide a source of income for talented dancers between schooling and company employment, artists searching for choreographic expression and exploration, and for dance instructors and choreographers looking to perform on a project-by-project basis.