REVEAL consists of

         A training network for youth and young artist looking for a supplement or an alternative for dance study at a university or college. Founded and directed by Anthony Rhodes and LaMia Dingle, REVEAL consists of a diverse network of industry professionals, brilliant choreographers, and skilled instructors of movement arts collaborating on dance projects and training initiatives. Dancers as young as 12 years of age may participate in REVEAL intensives and workshops. However, the pre-professional performing company is reserved for professional movement artists. Those dancers invited to join the company by personal invitation or audition will have opportunities to perform on film for a concept video, on stage for a REVEAL live works, and travel with one of the company's professional instructors during Intensives or workshops.



  REVEAL will be the platform for a selected group of artist to gain performance experience and credentials, as well as work with established artists and choreographers



Through the training and company platforms, REVEAL is committed to:


COMMEMORATE the past traditions of movement art that has been thoughtfully developed and codified over many decades of dance history,

COLLABORATE with the present network of established working professionals, connecting them with the future of the artform, and of dance arts arenas

CULTIVATE the future of movement arts with not only intense training, but hands-on performance experience, safe exploration of self-expression, and encouragement in various arenas of dance art.